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What Make Vietnamese Wavy Hair Is Outstanding From Others

Hairstylists and fashionistas all around the world are now really into Vietnamese wavy hair. This blog will discuss everything there is to know about Vietnamese wavy hair, from its history and classification to where to find the best of the best. Let’s take it in turns and find out now.

Why is Vietnamese wavy hair so sought after in the international beauty industry

Vietnamese wavy hair is well-liked due to its unique characteristics. It’s also because in no small part to the skill and innovation of Vietnamese hair producers.

1.1.Vietnamese wavy hair is thick, luxurious, and incredibly smooth

Why is Vietnamese hair so dense, lustrous, and smooth?

  • Hair naturally thick, glossy, and velvety; these qualities are all shared by Vietnamese women.
  • Vietnamese human hair is kept out of the elements and out of the way of harmful substances.
  • In Vietnam, it is common practice to use cleanser formulated with plants such as holy basil, skin pomelo, locust, etc. Furthermore, Vietnamese people avoid processed food and other bad dishes that might impair their health.
  • So, the raw components utilized to make Vietnamese wavy hair are mostly responsible for its density, silkiness, and softness.

1.2. The Vietnamese wavy hair are exceptionally resilient

The remarkable longevity of Vietnamese wavy hair is a major benefit.

  • It is a consequence of the Vietnamese people’s lifestyle and eating habits that their hair is so resilient and manageable. The natural resilience of Vietnamese wavy hair can be preserved with regular maintenance and the application of heat and chemicals.
  • Vietnamese hair is versatile and may keep its look for days. To give just one example, with proper care, a product made specifically for Vietnamese wavy hair could last for up to fifteen years.
  • In contrary, wavy hair extensions imported from China or India tend to knot easily, shed their curl pattern quickly, and appear attractive after a short period of time.

1.3. Vietnamese wavy hair is renowned for its amazing length.

It’s been believed that Vietnamese wavy hair is the longest in the world.

  • The long-haired fashion traditionally associated with the Vietnamese population persists today. Many adults have never had their hair cut before.
  • You may surely access Vietnamese wavy hair products of the 30-inch length in Vietnam, but not so much outside of the country. A person with thin, dry hair may use thick Vietnamese wavy hair extensions to make themselves look fuller and more attractive.

How to evaluate the condition of Vietnamese wavy hair

Even though Vietnamese wavy hair often has a great quality, there are some dishonest merchants out there that sell low-grade hair. If you’re curious about the excellence of the Vietnamese wavy hair, follow these suggestions.

  • A useful indicator of hair quality is whether or not it floats in water; low-quality hair, on the other hand, will absorb water.
  •  some of the color rubs off on your fingers while you comb it, the color may not be of high enough quality and your hair color may disappear fast.
  • The product’s aroma is also crucial in determining its effectiveness on the hair. A heavy, disagreeable odor suggests that the hair product may have been treated by chemicals that are dangerous to the user.
  • If you see any hair loss after giving your head a vigorous whack, stroke, or brush, you know these products aren’t up to snuff.

Top best Vietnamese wavy hair providers

To save you cash and time searching for a reputable vendor of Vietnamese wavy hair, we present to you Top Hair Manufacture In Vietnam.

3.1. Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 in Vietnamese wavy hair supplier

Among global hair suppliers, Vin Hair Vendor is the most prominent provider of high-quality Vietnamese wavy hair. Product lines from Vin Hair keep the unique qualities of Vietnamese hair while catering to a global clientele.

  • Weft hair (including natural/bone straight, wavy, and curly hair) and hair wigs are their specialty.
  • VN wavy hair 0.1kg costs between $17.7 and $132.1.
  • Your request to return or exchange is approved.

If you’re looking for high-quality, beautiful Vietnamese wavy hair, look no further than Vin hair.

3.2.  5S Hair – top 2 in Vietnamese wavy hair supplier

5S Hair is a great choice if you’re looking for a reputable Vietnamese hair dealer who offers premium Vietnamese wavy hair.

  • Raw hair, bulk hair, wefts, Vietnamese body wave hair, curly pixie, etc., are the most popular options. , of course, wigs excluded
  • Retail cost for 0.1 kg of wavy hair ranges from $11.7 to $82.5.
  • Your request to return or exchange is approved.

If you’re just getting started in the hair manufacturing company and looking for high-quality Vietnamese wavy hair at a reasonable price, 5S Hair is a great option.

3.3. Mic Hair – top 3 in Vietnamese wavy hair supplier

Mic Hair, the industry’s go-to source for premium Vietnamese wavy hair for the previous decade, may be a great fit for your company.

  • Wefts of Vietnamese hair in a variety of textures and hues.
  • You may get 0.1 kilograms of wavy weave for $22 – $77.5. (10 inch – 31 inch)
  • Your request to return or exchange is approved.

Mic hair is a great company to work with, and you won’t be dissatisfied with their Vietnamese wavy hair.

3.4. Jen Hair – top 4 in Vietnamese wavy hair supplier

Jenhair was founded in 1995, making it one of the earliest hair companies in Vietnam. From its humble beginnings as a single hair salon, this company has expanded to become one of Vietnam’s leading distributors of premium Vietnamese wavy hair.

  • Closures, frontals, wefts, and bulk hair in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • A 0.1-kilogram sack of wavy tips costs anywhere between $18 and $63.6.
  • Your request to return or exchange is approved.

When it comes to providing the international hair market with premium Vietnamese wavy hair, Jen Hair is a safe bet because they are one of Vietnam’s most reputable hair sellers.

3.5. K-Hair – top 5 in Vietnamese wavy hair supplier

K-Hair, based in Vietnam, is a renowned hair company recognized all over the world for supplying high-quality Vietnamese wavy hair.

  • Weft hair, curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, closures, frontals, etc.
  • The cost of 0.1 kilograms (8 inches to 30 centimeters) of wavy hair ranges from $12.4 to $68.8.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. K-Hair will only send your order to the salon after you have inspected it online and given your approval.

K-hair may be a great option if you’re seeking for elevated, reasonably priced Vietnamese wavy hair.

If you are in love with Vietnamese hair but living in Nigeria and are looking for Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, do not ignore this article:

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